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Established in 1995, DreamFire Enterprises was founded on the K.I.S.S. Principle — keeping our eye on figuring out the simplest and most reliable, yet complete, solutions to your needs.

Ten-plus years on, and that philosophy has served us well.

For Businesses

It is a harsh world out there Many companies fail or run into difficulty, or simply don't grow as they should.  They do so not because their people were stupid or incompetent, but because they spent too much time trying to resolve problems which needed to be resolved in a rapid and lasting manner.

Most often, they over-analyze and over-design their systems, with deadly results:

  • the system never gets put into place, or
  • an overly complex system, prone to bottlenecks and difficult to modify, ends up strangling them

At DreamFire Enterprises, we work to find simple, highly-reliable solutions which match your needs and your resources (both financial and technical).

We understand the need to maintain your system in the future, yet also to be able to implement it quickly to take advantage of market windows.

Let us help.  With development and deployment experience ranging from ancient legacy systems (such as Oracle) to modern, high-availability, massively-scalable systems (such as My Yahoo), we have the experience and expertise to solve your problems.

For Individuals

Is your PC slow or unreliable?  Or worse, just sitting there, taunting you each day, because something broke and you haven't got the slightest clue what?  If you live in the greater Seattle area, drop us a line and let us see if we can fix it for you!

Or perhaps you just want someone to hold your hand and help you decide what computer or accessories to buy for your needs.  We can help you make sense out of all the acronyms and technical jargon, or we can just talk with you about what your needs really are, and present a complete system to you.  You don't even need to be near Seattle for us to help with that.