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10 Years and Counting!

Established in 1995, we have proudly served our clients and partners for more than a decade!

About Us

Originally formed as a means to support his hobbies, DreamFire Enterprises has since grown beyond Bruce's wildest expectations, allowing him to leave the corporate world to work for himself.  With clients ranging from a former VP of Coke, to the president of a public relations company in New York City, to an Emmy award-winning producer from Good Morning America, as well as still taking good care of their neighbors' computers, Bruce and Brooke enjoy problem solving, and enjoy the fact that they can actually get paid to do something they enjoy.

Bruce Caruthers (Home Page)
Founder, President, COO, CIO, CFO, etc.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the high-end computing field, Bruce has worked as programmer, project lead, manager, and executive at companies large, medium, small, and startup.  He, unlike so many of those in the field today, has experience with business before the web boom years, as well as with non-internet uses of computers.

Bruce brings to DreamFire Enterprises his experience as a key member of the My Yahoo team, including extensive involvement in the internationalization of the My Yahoo properties.  Prior to his time at Yahoo, he worked briefly at a financial services web company (which shall remain nameless), where he observed how not to run a startup company.  He also brings with him several years of engineering and process management experience at Oracle, where he worked as the Project Lead for Integration and Abstraction, as well as bringing experience from Silicon Graphics (SGI), and from Princeton University's Interactive Computer Graphics Laboratory (ICGL).  An alumnus of Princeton University, Bruce initially put his efforts into astrophysics and comparative religion, before finishing with his degree in Computer Science, focusing on real-time interactive graphics and animation systems.  His thesis centered around Computer-Human Interactions (CHI), studying the psychology of network latency on user perceptions and behavior in a graphical environment.

Currently located in the Pacific Northwest, Bruce spends his spare time experimenting with recycling fryer oil into biodiesel, renovating his house, or playing Dungeons & Dragons©.  He married his lovely and talented wife, Brooke, in 2001.

Brooke Yool (Home Page)
Vice President, Chemist, Cook, Musician

Bruce's lovely and talented wife, Brooke!

With degrees in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from UC San Francisco and Biology from UC Irvine, Brooke brings a passion and talent for teaching to DreamFire Enterprises.  In addition, she provides a more artistic grounding, with her current involvement in multiple jazz and big band groups, performing on piano, saxophone (alto, tenor, and bari), and vocals.  She also has been gaining experience arranging and writing music both for her bands and for her solo interests.

Currently teaching various chemistry courses at a local college, Brooke has taught for years (with a brief detour into internet startups during the boom, such as Quote.com and Lycos), including courses such as bioinformatics and organic chemistry, as well as helping develop curricula for a biotech program at a Silicon Valley college.

Located with her husband, Bruce, in the Pacific Northwest, her spare time generally finds her being creative in the kitchen, decorating her house, gardening, or working on better ways to process fryer oil into biodiesel.