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Let us guide you down the right path Whether you want to take advantage of my experience with high-load, distributed systems, or simply want us to "hold your hand" through a buying decision, we are more than happy to advise and work with you to determine what the right solution is for your needs.

We are not locked into any one type of system or service.  Our extensive experience, as both users and administrators, across most operating systems as well as a vast array of hardware, lets us view options with an educated and objective eye.  Each kind of system has its strengths and weaknesses, whether Windows or Mac, Unix or mainframe.  What matters is what you need to get done with it.

Big or small, we can help.  Large companies, or fast growing smaller companies, need our experience with scalable designs to meet demand as you outgrow smaller systems.  Small businesses and individuals need our breadth of experience with different systems to figure out what to buy, and how to put it all together.  It's all about making it work for you.


Have you been to too many so-called "training seminars" where the instructor would be at a loss to actually do what they are teaching?  Or perhaps too many "one size fits all" courses that try to shoehorn in all the buzzwords but leave you wondering whether you actually gained anything, or whether you just wasted your time and money?

Not us.  We offer training sessions tailored to your needs.

Whether introductory sessions for Windows or Office, or more advanced training on programming techniques and efficiency, we will sit down with you and work through your needs and questions, hands-on and personal.  We've even taught my 80-year old mother how to use her computer and trade stocks online.

Process Management

Tired of piles of wordy yet empty reports on how to be more efficient?  Let us work with you, hands-on, to streamline your development systems and delivery paths.  No more pretty but useless pie charts and PowerPoint presentations.  Just a top-to-bottom evaluation, and above all, teaching you when and how to say "No" to unreasonable requirements.

Get your product out the door before your competitors.  Earn the respect of your customers with swift turnaround when fixes are required.  We can show you how.