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Repair Services

Mystery crashes?  Repairing a computer Need to figure out whether to fix or replace it?  Your kid shoved his PB&J into the drive slot?  Or perhaps your critical data is still on your dead machine, and you never got around to making backups?

Let us take a crack at it.

We've been using home-built and custom design hardware for nearly 20 years.  ISA or PCI, ADB or USB, SCSI or EIDE, Intel, Motorola or MIPS, we've used it, we've had to fix it.  We may not be able to fix everything, but we've made a lot of people happy along the way.

So, if you live somewhere near Seattle, give us a try!


Below are some typical rates for common tasks.  Our services are by no means limited to the options listed.  Please note that the cost of software and parts are not included.

— Drop-Off (You come to us) —
Initial assessment/estimate (counts towards any repairs) $ 75 FREE
(Re)install & set up basic system $ 120.00
Install program/application (non-game) $ 65.00 - 120.00
Install additional program/application (non-game) $ 35.00 - 120.00
Hardware or peripheral replacement $ 65.00
Most other services Flat-fee or $ 65.00/hr

— On-Site (We come to you) —
1st hour (includes reasonable travel) $ 90.00/hr
Most services (after 1st hour) $ 75.00/hr
Same services, but with explanations & teaching or training $ 100.00/hr

— Special Discounts —
First time customer Save 10%!
Referral bonus (discount off your next service after a referred first-time customer pays for a service) Save 20%!
One (1) hour minimum Sessions rounded to the nearest ½-hour