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Hosting Services

Need a basic web space?  Or do you need a private server, with full administrative access, but with all the details such as backups and security taken care of?  Whether you're looking for basic shared hosting, Unix shell accounts, or virtual private servers, we can provide.

Site Design & Services

We also are more than happy to build an entire web site for you, or update an existing one.  Whether a handful of simple pages about your company or group, such as the And How! Quintet, or something more elaborate and dynamic, such as 1500 Books, we can do it.

Design / Service Packages Rates
Basic Site (up to 5 simple pages) $250
Complex Site $50-$75 / hour
Minimum $500
Content Administration System
Site must be hosted on our servers and have been (re)built by us
$750-$1,500 setup
$75 / month
Urchin Log Reporting System
Site must be hosted on our servers
$50 setup
$25 / month
Nameserver (DNS) Entry $50 setup
$10 / month
Reasonable amount of updates and modfications to a site hosted on our servers FREE
Discounted rates are available for many situations.  Please ask if you feel you have special circumstances!

Hosting Packages

The following is merely a quick overview of hosting options.  Most have full CGI access, perl, Apache, and much more.  Feel free to ask us if you are looking for something specific.  Many other options and configurations are available.

Disk Space
Admin access Monthly Cost Setup
monthly 6 mo annual
Basic Hosting 250 MB unlimited -- -- $35 $30 $21 $25 FREE
Shared Unix Hosting 10 GB 400 GB -- -- $40 $36 $32 $25 FREE
Unix Shell Account 500 MB unlimited 1 -- $30 $27 $24 $25 FREE
Basic Virtual Private Server (VPS) 10 GB unlimited unlimited YES $150 $135 $120 $50
Virtual Private Server (VPS) 20 GB unlimited unlimited YES $250 $235 $200 $50

All configuration details and pricing subject to change without notice — although usually better for you as systems get cheaper.

All packages listed run FreeBSD.

Many other configurations are available.

Note that most Linux applications will run, unmodified, under FreeBSD.